Why Fine Color Jewels

Why Fine Color Jewels

Fine Color Jewels has been in business for fifteen years. We boast innovative designs made at the highest standards. The process begins with our designers who follow trends in the fashion and jewelry industry and come up with innovative designs. We follow a rigorous quality control program at our manufacturing facilities to ensure that every single piece is made to perfection. We take pride in the quality and high standards we hold our pieces to.

Certified Jewelry

All our jewelry is certified. Pieces below $ 500 is certified in-house by our QC department. Pieces over $ 500 is certified by EGL an independent lab in New York. You can be rest assured of your purchase with us. The certificate will provide details of your purchase and its value.

New Designs and Trends

Our focus is to manufacture modern and designer jewelry at an affordable price. We constantly work on new designs and trends in the jewelry industry and introduce new products every week. Please be on lookout for our new collection.

Lower Prices

We are a direct source of Jewelry. Our sister company www.vibgyorgems.com specializes in color gemstones and they have been selling gemstones for over a decade now. We manufacture our own gems and thereby cut the middleman. Our jewelry is produced in India and China giving us the advantage of lower cost. We stand behind our product and price.

Price Guarantee

Our jewelry comes with 100% price guarantee; we will match the price on any internet jewelry retailer and offer you 10% less. You must send us a link of the website for price match and 10% discount.

SSL Encryption

At finecolorjewels, your security is our prime concern. All the purchases go through secure software and it is encrypted ensuring the safety and security of your personal information.

BBB accreditation

We are accredited by Better Business Bureau. BBB is held in high regards for their accreditation program.